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05-19-2005  San Antonio, Texas

Shape the on-going Success of the
Distributor Rights Association


May Conference in San Antonio

MAY 19-22, 2005


You need not be a Member to attend the May Conference. Come check us out and you will be another excited member before you leave.

This IS fully Tax-deductible as a necessary and ordinary expense!

   Keep abreast of industry trends and issues and help shape the future Standards that affect us all. This is your platform for sharing experiences and knowledge which can enhance your professional and personal life. Your Voice counts!

   May 19 - MLM FAIR 7:30-9:30 pm - It's hard to believe! No cocktail party the first night, instead there will be an MLM fair for the San Antonio public. It's designed to pull in professionals, like doctors, lawyers, accountants and bankers. Just the kind of people you would like to meet as prospects! Want to build a group in San Antonio? Then as a DRA Member you'll want to attend the conference and bring your downline as it will be Great Training! DRA members will get tables (to sit behind) around the perimeter to promote their company (no scams).

   No hype or lies about Network Marketing from these Industry Experts! They are here to present the truth and tell you about the MLM industry and also what to watch out for! NO Soliciting Allowed on the premises - off duty policemen will be on hand! Information tables only!

   We have $2,500 dollars (and 1000 books) donated toward a Network Marketing Fair on Thursday Night the 19th! We have more $$ Coming! Distributor Rights Association members get first shot at recruiting tables around the outside of the seating area. Ads will be run in the San Antonio papers and TV to bring in "high class" Bankers, lawyers and accountants (with warm markets). The goal is 250 high class prospects in chairs in the center. DRA members get a table for $50 (unless your company contributed then the table is free and you get best positions).

   The Fair will be about the maturity of the MLM Market and how good Network Marketing is for the American people. The lead advertised speakers will be:

Rod Cook MLM WatchDog - Truth and Lies of MLM
Sandy Elsberg - The Last Chance For the Little Person
Tom Schreiter (or Art Jonak) - MLM is Fun and Friends
Doris Wood - Chairman Emeritus of MLMIA

   Each Attendee will be charged $10 to get in to sort out tire kickers. They will get a package of MLM Books worth $50 to $100 value. Classified ads and radio spots will be run starting two weeks before the Fair on the 19th. The Week of the Fair Display Ads will be run in the paper pushing the Value of the Fair....... to High Level Prospects.

   During the Fair we will have two uniformed off duty policemen in the room to stop business card passing and "Snipe recruiting" by non DRA members UNLESS THEY WANT TO BUY A TABLE AT $250. It will be announced at the beginning of the Meeting that any "Snipe poachers" will be escorted out of the hotel in hand cuffs for "soliciting without a license." We have also invited the Assistant District Attorney to give opening remarks. This will be a very professional "Network Marketing Fair" and those at tables will be the only ones that will be allowed to disseminate information to the "high level prospects."


Right now over $12,000 is budgeted for newspaper, TV and radio ads. We have a commitment of $7,000 worth of MLM books, CD's and publicity to offer as "bag" premiums to prospects that come.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Continental breakfast is included with the registration...and of course snacks on the Breaks.

Companies sponsoring the Fair will have banners outside the door and over their tables inside as "Sponsor."


  1. More fun than cocktail party (we may have one when it is over)

  2. New unique and different since the DRA is built of top recruiters we will give 1,2,3rd place awards to the "top guns" from the 19th "Network Marketing Fair"

  3. Company Donations with be publicized on the MLM WatchDog (special issue) with photographs of the fair with Corporate Banners.

  4. The Tom Chenault radio Show will feature Corporate Contributors on a special Network Marketing Fair Report.

  5. Corporate Donator will be in the Distributor Rights Book that goes out to 1,000's

  6. DRA Distributor members get Top Quality candidates for recruiting.... no junkies or tire kickers.

  7. $1000's of dollars of books as door giveaways (each person gets package) will pull prospects.

  8. Top speakers and subjects will pull prospects.

  9. Rod will work his list of top leaders in San Antonio to come to the Network Marketing Fair.

  10. DRA rules are "leave your guns at the door" for DRA functions, No Recruiting Among DRA members, these are NON-DRA members so you can do whatever recruiting you want!

  11. The MLM Fair is Strictly run to channel people to your table. Free giveaways and Free "something" signs will pull on your table so CD roms and DVD's with your name Sticker are perfect.

  12. Fun and Different - definitely not boring!

  13. DRA Members will be needed to help run this... let me know... you may need to come in a day early!

Thursday May 19 - MLM FAIR STARTS 7:30 PM
2:30 PM Gather to help put books and freebies in Sacks
5:30 PM Register Get Badge Start Setting Up your tables
7:00 PM Sign in San Antonio Guests Brought in by Advertising and Promotion for "Network Marketing Fair"
8:30 PM 15 minute break for crowd
9:30 PM Questions, finish, and hand out book packages after show.
10:30 PM Shutdown and move to Recreation

8:00 AM DRA Board Meeting in Suite #99
8-9 AM Continental Breakfast provided
8:30 AM DRA Registration starts for members and new members
10:00 AM Meeting called to order Cheryl Gonzalez and Rod Cook, Treasurer Report
10:10 AM Keynote Speaker Doris Wood
10:30 AM Attorney General State Of Texas
11:00 AM Break
11:30 AM Introduction of Legal Panel and Questions and Answers
12:30 Lunch
1:30 PM Questions of Attorneys on DRA book wording Further Book final discourse and photo's - Photo's and more Photos for book final
3:00 PM Break
4:30 PM Mediation a third path for dispute resolution. Mediation Training for DRA Members*
5:30 PM Supper on San Antonio River Walk at ????? Special Entertainment and photo's
7:00 PM or so Rod Cook River Walk tour - Photos in front of Alamo - More Photos
10:00 PM Party back at Hotel!

*Specialist Attorney in Mediation and how each of us can get trained as Mediators in a 2 day course. This is not just for MLM but all subjects.

8-9 AM Continental Breakfast provided
9:00 AM Late Registration
9:30 AM Nomination of new Executive Directors for DRA
10:30 AM Back to Final Review of DRA Book with legal comments by Lawyers!
11:00 AM Break
12:30 PM Lunch Break and politics for new DRA Executive Board.
1:30 PM Election of new Board members
2:00 PM Break
2:30 PM Planning for Future and for NEW book 2006
5:00 PM Adjourn

Sunday May 22 - DRA BOARD MEETING (Plus All Others)
9:AM In Conference room all other attendees invited
9-10 AM Continental Breakfast provided
12:00 Adjourn and journey home.

   If you don't want to meet high class prospects....... don't join the DRA and don't come! We'll miss you at the fun "post recruiting" party after this first of a kind "Network Marketing Fair!" Ever gone to a Home and Garden Show? This is a new standard for MLM!

   To clear the air, there is a "no recruiting guns" policy between DRA members at events! Prospects brought into the "Network Marketing fair" are fair game!

   Want to learn to make and extra $100,000K a year as a Mediator? The first step "how to lessons" will be given at the DRA meeting. You don't have to be a lawyer or have a college degree! The DRA needs mediators for dispute resolution! Meet one of the world's top lawyers at mediation and will coach and guide you!

   Want to meet the top MLM Lawyers in the U.S.? They are there; ask any question you want from the floor! Eat lunch with them. Walk the San Antonio River walk with them! Have a good time!


When you call the Holiday Inn Select Below be sure to tell them that you are with the DISTRIBUTOR RIGHTS ASSOCIATION!! If not they may tell you that the hotel is booked!!!!!
Holiday Inn Select
77 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216
Holiday Inn Express Airport
91 N.E. Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216
The Fair Field Inn by Cattlemen's Steak House
88 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216
Doubletree San Antonio Airport
37 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216

Please call the hotel and book your own reservations

call hotel for FREE hotel shuttle from the airport when you get in
When you request the DRA rooms, if they sell-out they will refer you to the nearest hotel location

MLM FAIR ON Thurs Night
Hilton Hotel
611 NW Loop 410


San Antonio was chosen as the 6000 Books will be here in San Antonio.
Publishers each receive ONE case of books so be prepared tohave the books shipped to your home or office

Home of the historic 'Alamo' & the world-famous San Antonio Spurs.
Where you can walk along the beautiful and romantically unique River walk,
and cruise the San Antonio River while eating scrumptious Tex-Mex cuisine....
have a fun time with your Family or Friends at Sea World or Six Flags Fiesta Texas
...among many attractions.


San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Call, Fax, Mail or Register Online Now!

Reservations, Extra-Curricular Meetings
Telephone: (210) 494-3884, Fax Orders: (210) 494-9909
Mail Orders: 2410 Cinco Woods San Antonio, TX 78259
Email Marcie



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