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Distributor Bill of Rights
  1. Distributors have a right to own and operate their own independent contractor business. The company and the government should recognize that a distributorship is an independent small business with all of the rights and tax benefits of any independent small business. By entering into an agreement with any company, each Distributor is entitled to specific and undeniable rights to protect and preserve immediate and long-term residual income.

  2. Distributors' personal business relationships shall be honored and protected. Distributors' downlines that are personally sponsored and personal retail customers are part of the distributor's business. Companies will recognize the sacred nature of the sponsor/distributor relationship. Distributors have the right to expect company’s efforts to support and sustain that relationship, and do nothing to compete with or harm the Distributors business. No restrictions should be placed on any legitimate business relationship, regardless of a competing company being involved or not.

  3. Product usage by a distributor's personally sponsored downline and customers is considered as retail sales of that distributor and is commissionable. The use of the company's products within the sales organization is called "internal consumption." Whether a distributor or a customer receives a discount is immaterial, as in the case that factory or wholesale outlet sales are still considered as retail sales.

  4. Distributors have a right to a fair and balanced contract. Distributors shall be protected from termination without just cause. Distributors have a right to automatic renewal without material breach of contract. Distributors have a right to a process and system of fair and independent recourse.

  5. There cannot be any restrictions on the distributor's spouse or family conducting any other legitimate business of their choice. The company has no right to condition their distributors' business based on any third party that is not a signature party to the independent contractor agreement/contract. Such attempts may be illegal.

  6. Distributors have a right to sell, transfer or will their independent contractor business to any party that would qualify as a distributor under normal conditions. This is a provision that also helps protect the independent contractor status.

  7. Distributors have the right to expect that their company and employees be honest and treat them courteously and respectfully; and submit to likewise treat them with mutual respect.

  8. Distributors have the right to expect that their company has taken all reasonable steps to insure that their products are properly represented and meet any and all legal standards, have taken all reasonable steps to protect the proprietorship of the products and they are shipped in a timely manner.

  9. Distributors should have the right to join any legitimate association of their choice.

  10. Loyalty is expected from both Distributor and Company to each other.



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