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Distributor Benefits

  • Training on Independent Contractor contracts and rights.

  • Access to our Law Library which is always being updated.

  • Ability to register complaints and receive guidance.

  • Become part of a public WatchDog for distributors.

  • How to protect yourself from Upline and Downline attacks.

  • Ability to have a voice in the future of the MLM Industry.

  • Receive a copy of the MLM Distributors International Standards book.

  • You will not only have an impact on your own future but that of millions (13.3 million in the U.S., 53 million worldwide).

Corporate Benefits

  • Ability of companies to form true relationships with distributor forces

  • To give progressive companies a national platform to be recognized

  • Create new business models based on Company need

  • A source of information about such obscure things as company Life Cycles, the damage caused to companies by terminations.

  • National recognition as a distributor friendly company which will give the company a competitive advantage in the Marketplace



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